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SQL Build Manager is an all in one tool for building and maintaining a package of SQL scripts to manage builds and updates across your fleet of SQL Server databases.

Threaded Build Execution

If you have a handful of databases, you can run them in parallel with a threaded build (multiple update threads running from a single machine). You can control the concurrency of the tasks - refer to the concurrency options for full details.

To manage the database targets, you will need an override target file. The details of the contents of this file can be found here

Sample command:

sbm threaded run
    --packagename "mypackage.sbm" ^
    --username "dbusername" ^
    --password "dbpassword" ^
    --override "targetdatabases.cfg" ^

When you execute an sbm threaded run build, in addition to the console output, it will create a number of log files. They will be created in the location of the --rootloggingpath setting or in the current directory if --rootloggingpath is not provided. For details on the log files and their contents, please see Log Files Details for Threaded and Batch execution