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SQL Build Manager is an all-in-one database management tool to easily update your fleet SQL Server databases - from one to tens of thousands.

Log Files Details for Threaded, Batch, Kubernetes and ACI execution

Whether running a threaded, batch, k8s or aci run, the tooling will create several log files for you reference, auditing and troubleshooting.

File Types

Note: For a batch run these files are consolidated logs from across all of your Batch nodes and2 individually per node in the “Task#” subfolders

Output Config Files

There will be one (or two, depending on the run success) .cfg files created - successdatabases.cfg and/or failuredatabases.cfg. These files contain lists of all databases that were either successfully updated or had a failure and were rolled back, respectively. The format is the same use in an --override argument so it is easy to use this file a an override target source for any follow-up runs that may be necessary.

Example contents for successdatabases.cfg and failuredatabases.cfg,SqlBuildTest001,SqlBuildTest006,SqlBuildTest006,SqlBuildTest001,SqlBuildTest007,SqlBuildTest007,SqlBuildTest002

High level log files

For a quick reference, three high-level log files are created: commits.log, errors.log, and SqlBuildManager.ThreadedExecution.log. The commits.log and errors.log files contain the top level success (commits) and failures (error) logs, including: time stamp, run id (a unique value for a single database build), server name, database name, and final return code for the database run (Committed, Rolled Back, etc.).

NOTE: The second column in each of the samples below is the unique “run id” for the build and can be correlated across all log files for a specific build run.

Sample contents for commits.log

[2021-06-25 12:01:26.722 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest001: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:26.722 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest006: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:26.722 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest006: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:26.722 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest001: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:28.373 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest007: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:28.397 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest007: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:28.413 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest002: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:28.432 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest002: Committed
[2021-06-25 12:01:29.754 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest008: Committed

Sample contents for errors.log

[2021-06-25 11:48:57.944 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest001: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:57.948 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest009: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:57.952 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest003: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:57.965 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest001: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:58.007 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest007: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:58.015 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest005: Rolled Back
[2021-06-25 11:48:58.022 ] fcf97151e8de4fcf939a43891f2b817b  SqlBuildTest003: Rolled Back

The SqlBuildManager.ThreadedExecution.log file contains some additional detail specific to the concurrency and timing of each thread (Queuing up thread, Starting up thread, Thread complete) as well as some summary information on the duration and number of targets for a build.

Sample contents for SqlBuildManager.ThreadedExecution.log

[2021-06-25 12:01:31.251 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest010: Starting up thread
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.257 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest004: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.257 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Queuing up thread
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.257 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Starting up thread
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.284 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest004: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.284 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Queuing up thread
[2021-06-25 12:01:31.284 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Starting up thread
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.532 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest010: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.535 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.541 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest010: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.768 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e  SqlBuildTest005: Thread complete
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.768 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e    : Ending threaded processing at 6/25/2021 4:01:33 PM
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.768 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e    : Execution Duration: 00:00:09.6377429
[2021-06-25 12:01:33.768 ] f929636010584a68827634229c9f3b3e    : Total number of targets: 20

Detailed Log Files

SqlBuildManager.Console{date stamp}.log

This file contains the detailed console output. It is a capture of all of the logs that stream by in your command/console window during a build run.

“Working” folder

This is the folder that contains the runtime files such as the DACPAC, SBM and distributed database configuration files. It will also contain a sub-folder for each database server target. The folder structure is:

Troubleshooting tips

If you have SQL errors in your execution, you will probably want to figure out what happened. Here is a suggested troubleshooting path:

  1. Open up the failuredatabases.cfg file to see what databases had problems
  2. Taking note of the server and database name, open the server folder then the database folder
  3. Open the logfile in the database folder. This file should contain an error message that will guide your troubleshooting should you need to correct some scripts
  4. Once you have determined the problem, use the failuredatabases.cfg file as your --override argument to run your updates again - hopefully successfully this time!