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SQL Build Manager is an all-in-one database management tool to easily update your fleet SQL Server databases - from one to tens of thousands.

Command Line Overview

Getting started

The sbm executable uses a command pattern for execution sbm [command]

For detailed information on the available and required options for each command, leverage the self-generated documentation via sbm [command] --help


Performs a standard, local SBM execution via command line


For updating multiple or querying databases simultaneously from the current machine


Commands for setting and executing a build running in pods on Azure Container App


Commands for setting and executing a build running in pods on Kubernetes


Commands for setting and executing a build running in containers on Azure Container Instances. ACI Containers will always leverage Azure Key Vault.


Commands for setting and executing a batch run or batch query


Utility commands for generating override file from SQL statement and interrogating Service Bus and EventHubs


Creates an SBM package from script files (fromscripts), calculated database differences (fromdiff) or diffs between two DACPAC files (fromdacpacs)


Adds one or more scripts to an SBM package or SBX project file from a list of scripts


Creates an SBM package from an SBX configuration file and scripts


Unpacks an SBM file into its script files and SBX project file.


Creates a DACPAC file from the target database


Generates a backout package (reversing stored procedure and scripted object changes)


List the script contents (order, script name, date added/modified, user info, script ids, script hashes) for SBM packages. (For SBX, just open the XML file!)


Performs a script policy check on the specified SBM package


Calculates the SHA-1 hash fingerprint value for the SBM package(scripts + run order)


Determines the difference between SQL Build run histories for two databases. Calculate and list out packages that need to be run between –database and –golddatabase. Only supports Windows Auth


Performs a database synchronization between between –database and –golddatabase. Can only be used for Windows Auth database targets


Creates export of all command and sub-command descriptions


For general logging, the SqlBuildManager.Console.exe has its own local messages. This log file is named SqlBuildManager.Console{date stamp}.log and can be found in the same folder as the executable. This file will be the first place to check for general execution errors or problems.

To accommodate the logging of a threaded or batch build, all of the output is saved to files and folders under the path specified in the --rootloggingpath flag. For a simple threaded execution, this is a single root folder. For a remote server execution, this folder is created for each execution server.

For for details and script run troubleshooting suggestions, see Log Files Details for Threaded, Batch, Kubernetes and ACI execution