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SQL Build Manager is an all-in-one database management tool to easily update your fleet SQL Server databases - from one to tens of thousands.

Template Scripts reference

NOTE: All scripts will require the Azure CLI be installed. See here for installation instructions.


This is a one-stop script for creating all of the resources you will need to leverage SQL Build Manager. Uses the azuredeploy_main.bicep file which will leverage the bicep modules in the Modules folder as needed per the parameters passed in.

It will always create these Azure resources:

If you specify a -testDatabaseCount value of greater than 0 (zero), it will create:

With the default -deploy value of All, it will also deploy:

Otherwise you can specify a -deploy value of Batch, AKS, ContainerApp or ACI (or any combination) to deploy only the resources needed for that environment along with the test settings files and builds.


A helper script that will create the settings files for all of the deployment types. If you run create_azure_resources.ps1, it will already create the settings files for you.

Subfolder scripts

Each subfolder has scripts and to individually create resources and settings files for those resources.